Young readers are:

  • Passionate readers
  • Casual readers
  • Reluctant readers
  • Lazy readers
  • Uninterested

If you’re anything like I was, you’re in the middle somewhere, especially if you’re male. Guys like us struggle a bit sometimes, right; too many distractions. 

For me it was a love of sport. I had natural ability and sport fed my self esteem. Who would have thought I’d be writing children’s books. Compared to the usual writer’s bio, my background is not like most writers, except for one major ingredient. I’m blessed with a humongous imagination.

Imagination is where all the best adventures are. I love exploring the world of imagination. Why? Because in the world of imagination I don’t have to grow up.

When I was a kid, I used to think reading was boring.

I mean it’s not like you’re having fun dirt biking or smashing a virtual ball in a consol game. In my day we didn’t have all that stuff, so we had to muck around with made up games. And where did these made up games come from? Imagination that’s where.

I soon discovered that reading was a great way to fire up my imagination too. Even though I was a reluctant reader, I learned to explore my imagination through reading stuff I enjoyed; comics.

Comics books in the Stone Age?

When my kids were growing up, they used to say “Dad, you’re from the Stone Age”. But even in my day, back in the Stone Age we had comic books and super heroes. Some of those super heroes are still around today. They make movies about them now.

Anyway, I started reading comic books; well, not reading at first, only looking at the pictures. Who needs to read when a picture tells the story? I got hooked on comics and began reading the balloon print in case I missed something.

Then they brought out Classic Comics; stories by famous authors like Charles Dickens, Robert Louie Stevenson and Mark Twain.

There was a lot more reading in the classic comics. It took me a while to get into it. But I was glad I did. I loved the stories in those classic comics. Later, when I saw the movies of those stories, on television, it was so cool because I’d read them in the classic comics.

Good old westerns

I still love the old western movies.

When I was twelve or thirteen, I was inspired by a black and white cowboy movie I was watching on television. I jumped on the back of the couch like the cowboys leaped on to their horses. I shot at anything. Everything became a target for my imaginary six shooters, including the outlaws on TV. I was riding flat out on the back of the couch, with finger guns blazing in both hands.

Sadly, my western adventure came to an abrupt end. Mum came into the lounge room and lost it, big time. I got sprung right in the middle of a gun battle with desperados. I was riding hard, legs pumping, arms flaying, face contorted and the most amazing sounds of gunfire coming out of my mouth. A thunderbolt, followed by rapid fire from Mum’s sharp shooting tongue spooked me right off the couch and on to the floor. You guessed it. My couch riding days were over.

These days, my wife watches me like a hawk. Just kidding! I don’t do that stuff anymore, not because I wouldn’t like to. It just wouldn’t look good. But I can do all that cool stuff and much more in the world of imagination.

Living the good stuff

Writing and living all the good stuff in my imagination is where you’ll find me a good part of most days. Grownups don’t have adventures like kids do. Most of us miss all that fun. So what better way is there to have kid’s adventures, even when you’ve grown up? You can conjure up incredible magical fantasies, engage in the fiercest battles and experience the most amazing adventures without raising a sweat.

I began writing kid’s stories, as a hobby over twenty years ago. I improved my writing skills over the years, attending courses and studying other writer’s works, which I still do. I discovered quite early that by extending my reading, my writing improved. In 2007, I turned my creative passion into a fulltime pursuit.

I enjoy reading someone’s expression through the clever use of words in the context of a story or comment. Blogs are an interesting mix. Sometimes the level of thinking confuses the expression. But it’s fun reading the comical banter without offending expletives.

I’m often reminded that women are multi-thinkers. I’ve learned not to argue with that. Perhaps women explore their imaginations in more creative ways (I’d better be careful here). A good example of that is the number of female children’s authors compared to males. I’m often surprised by comments, both male and female like; “How do you come up with these stories. I wish I could!” I honestly believe anybody can. It’s easier if you’re exposed to the stimulation of imagination from a very young age.

People experience imagination in different ways. Entrepreneurs excel in it. All ideas, including business ideas start in the imagination and develop from there. Everybody has an imagination, however small or large their experience of it. Allow it to develop however, don’t linger in the bad stuff. It can hurt you in the long run. Cultivate the good stuff. Run with it and soar.



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