ALPHABET TOWN – Book cover

ALPHABET TOWN is my first picture book to be published by New Frontier Publishing in August 2012. I’ts a story about curiosity and imagination. Poor Zero (the number). Nobody took any notice of her because she didn’t amount to anything. Then she met Spot the Dot. Together they discovered ALPHABET TOWN and learned that curiosity and imagination can change everything for the better.

The story was lovingly illustrated by Keiko Moorhouse under her pen-name Kimberley Moon.

The book trailer for ‘ALPHABET TOWN’  can be viewed on YouTube

ALPHABET TOWN is available here:

Writing is an art

I’ve always been driven by my insatiable imagination, inspired by what I can see and feel in the creative processes going on in my brain. I become lost in the visual delights and adventures created there, living and feeling every emotion.

I wanted to share my imaginary journey into delight so I began writing stories. The composition of my writing was inspired by the great storytellers like the Brothers Grimm and the visual transformations by the imaginers of the Disney studios.

Somewhere along the way I realised that writing is an art not just putting thoughts on paper in the form of words. Published authors, writing teachers, editors and mentors gradually gave me a better understanding of the writing process. I still consider myself a student and always will be. I know the benchmarks I like to aim at and I have a fairly good idea of my limitations. But that only means that I work harder to become a better storyteller and a better writer. My books are full of fun, adventure, imagination and creativity. That’s what I like.

I want to encourage kids to pick up a book and read it all.

Many kids and I’m sorry to say, many adults too are put off by the effort of reading. I suppose I too was a lazy reader as a young kid. It was hard to settle down with a book when there was so much going on around me. I started with picture books and then comics and progressed from there. I wanted to be a cowboy or a superhero like Superman and Tarzan. However, I realised I was missing out on the adventures available in books.  Later, I studied the works of the great visual creators too, like Spielberg, Lucas and Disney.


These days nothing has changed. I regularly escape into the wonderful, unlimited creations of Storyland. Storyland is my expanding Treasure Island of dreams, created for the ever increasing delights and adventures alive and well in the boy that lives in me.


Alphabet Town – Testimonials:

Aug 19, 2010 Cute
by: GaryWhat a cute way to pose how words and numbers go together. It paints a picture in the mind easy for a child to understand.


Sep 06, 2010 Fabulous Story
by: Lawgirl76Such a wonderful way to impress the importance of both math and reading on young people.


Sep 22, 2010 Original delivery and important concept
by: Janet S.Whimsical yet delivers an important educational concept.You might want to consider giving Zero and Spot a little more personality. Just an idea – it’s cute as is.


Nov 25, 2010 Innovative
by: AnonymousWhat an innovative story! It offers a lot for a parent/grandparent or older child to share with a little one.


Dec 15, 2011 awesomeness!
by: Erick I LOVE reading this to my nephew. I don’t have children of my own but when I do I will read it to them too. Great story!


Nov 25, 2014 Wonderful
by: childheart What a wonderful story for kids!! Thank you for sharing this with the kids! Love it! 😀